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The Company Founder, Alan Jennings, has been actively involved in Pigging and Pressure Testing since 1984 when he received training in Houston, USA, from Girard Polly-Pig Inc. and following this carried out the first successful pigging of potable water mains in the UK on behalf of DOE Water Services, Northern Ireland.

Since then we have carried out numerous successful Pigging & Pressure Testing Contracts, both in the UK and Worldwide for clients in the Armed Forces, Oil, Gas, Water, Civil Engineering, Scotch Whisky, Refining and Chemical Industries.

In 1992, we were granted a UK Patent for the first Food Grade Pig and also developed a non-intrusive Pig Detector and Hygienic 120° S/S Valve, which were essential components in enabling the company to become pioneers of Product Recovery Systems for Food, Drink & Pharmaceutical Process Industries.

The Company is committed to ongoing Research & Development with all methods involving the transfer of products through pipes and have developed a new process for rotational moulding of FDA Approved Silicone for manufacturing Pigs used in the hygienic recovery of bacteria-sensitive products. We anticipate launching a new range of low-cost Pigging Systems in Spring 2003.

In all of our activities, Environmental Protection and Health & Safety are our prime considerations in developing new products and processes, such as the innovative technique that we use for changing out Subsea PLEM Valves at Single Buoy Moorings to eliminate marine pollution and product contamination of liquid fuels.

For further information, please contact sales@pipelinepigging.co.uk

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