Marine Projects

Marine ProjectPPC has a long track record of maintaining fuel transfer Single Buoy Moorings (SBM’s) and Subsea Pipeline End Manifolds (PLEM’s), subsea pipeline engineering and video surveys.



The company have been involved with Intelligent Pig Surveys of subsea pipelines as well as multi-dimensional pigging to remove unwanted detritus.

Specific marine design projects have also been undertaken Including a Subsea PLEM in Kenya inshore waters for remote operation of PLEM Valves from an LPG tanker.

Marine Project



Another first was the design of a pigging system that enables tankers to refuel warships at sea without stopping and with an integral pigging system which ensured that no environmental damage was caused by leaking diesel.

More routine marine operations involve the pigging of sea outfalls usually for the purpose of removing marine growth and molluscs such as onshore seawater fish farms, distillery effluent pipelines and cooling water intakes.



Marine Project