Pigging Systems


PPC design, install & commission permanent or temporary Pigging Installations for a wide range of different industries for various purposes:

Uni-directional Pig LauncherMaintaining Optimum Flow

By preventing build-ups within potable or raw water pipelines of rust nodules, peat or silt the hydraulic efficiency is optimised by regular or periodic pigging to remove unwanted detritus, thereby preventing reduction of the internal pipe diameter and flow. For the whisky distilling industry the problem of preventing effluent
pipelines from becoming choked is easily overcome by regular pigging carried out by distillery staff.




Uni-directional Pig ReceiverRecovery of Product

Prevent saleable product going to waste thereby saving money and protecting the environment. Where pipelines require C.I.P. (cleaning in place) prior to the next production run, sterilising agents and rinse water can also be
removed by pigging without degrading or diluting the product.

For process industries fully automated systems are also available.