Pipeline Pigging

Pigs & Spheres for cleaning

Pigs & Spheres for cleaning 50 inch dia x 30 Kilometre Pipeline in Jordan

Pipeline Pigging offers clients a choice of opportunities in relation to internal pipeline cleaning using Pigs, either as Consultants or Contractors:

Consultancy option entails providing the client with a Bill of Materials required, plus Method Statements & Risk Assessments, in order that the client may use their own workforce to reduce costs and carry out the programme of works at times which minimise disruption to their normal operations.

As part of Pipeline Pigging service, we can either provide backup in person if required, or provide support through telephone, email or internet.


Air Pigging

Air Pigging for removal of mill scale from new District Heating pipelines in Denmark

Contractor option involves PPC Ltd. providing all necessary equipment and manpower to meet the client’s requirements at a pre-arranged period.

Method Statements & Risk Assessments are provided as standard along with a Post Contract Report & Recommendations for maintaining optimum pipeline flow.




Pigging Peat From Fresh Water Pipeline

Pigging Peat From Fresh Water Pipeline

Pigging Transmoray Effluent Pipeline

Pigging Transmoray Effluent Pipeline