Pressure Testing

Pipeline Pigging offer its client’s pressure testing services for pipelines and pressure vessels in the following disciplines

Hydrostatic Hydrostatic Pressure Testing

This involves using water or the normal line product as the test medium, normally at a pressure of 1½ times working pressure, for a specific hold period.

Test Certification is issued for tests that meet the criteria and a Test Failure Notification is issued for pipelines not meeting the required standard, with recommendations as to possible rectification.


This is only used on certificated pipelines where water or line product is unacceptable for Environmental or Health & Safety reasons, such as creating an exothermic reaction.

Nitrogen Gas is the normal test medium used and test pressure is normally restricted to 1.1 times the working pressure.


Vacuum Vacuum Pressure Testing

This kind of test is usually specific to the testing of Floating Fuel Transfer Hoses and as such it is normally performed after a Hydrostatic Test to ensure the integrity of the internal hose lining.

This type of test is carried out in accordance with the OCIMF Guidelines which includes electrical continuity / resistance measurement parameters and consequently specific test certification applies.